A place of total all, just for you.

There is no up or down, beginning or end. All things exist in every nuance at all times. All possibilities, infinity so, being played out each moment.

In this place there is no time, just every instance of possibility waiting to be explored.

Trying to contain either the simplicity or complexity of this fabric, from a mind that was created from such a source, in the realms of impossible.

But everything is created, exists and moves on for the sake of the potential of experience.

It is you that decides to create or not, destroy or not, to remain where you are or to move on to something new. Or potentially go deeper into the experience being currently explored.

This is not a world of blame, failure, worthlessness. Nor of result. For when arrival achieved, new questions, experiences and vibrational change revealed.

If you are here to read this then your potential to work on and experience those things you need to, is exactly equal to everyone else. No one can prevent you from chasing down what it is where the heart wants to go. The learning in the attempt or multiple attempts equally as important as the result.

Be blessed and grateful, that for whatever reason this entire ride has been created for you.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, move towards or away from it, the ride is complete.

The riding of it, the how, your choice.


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