Pay attention as we walk in this new normal

Pay attention as we walk

The world, the only thing it knows is change. Mountains come and go, seasons constantly ebbing and blending together in different ways. If left it its own devices balance in the time needed, it always is.

Like never before however things now become more serious around us all, than perhaps first understood. Our Nature being replaced by that of chemical, Law and falseness, all sold as “for our benefit”.

The Law, creeps towards us, more power from just and only black ink on white paper, than ever should have been allowed. Lawyers (or those trying to be so in early times) were originally cast out by those living in villages. Identified as being in some way harmful to the community in which they were trying to take hold.

We need not “The Law” to see power. All we need instead is to decide to live better together. For this isn’t the false word of paper and script, but rather the real world of relationship, community, correctness, Love and compassion.

Your power is not that which arrives to you, defined by another, from external source, nor can it be prescribed over you by pen and paper. Your power was given as you drew first breathe.

But as you use it less and less, more power from outside telling you every nuance of how to Live, your power rusts away. To one day be but flakes of rusted steel lying in the weeds somewhere.

“Authority” over you is now front and centre, coming at you it seems, from all places. Yet you need no authority to tell you how to make better decisions. You need rather to be active in the conscious decision making process for yourself.

They would have you believe that The Law, Their Law and Their Authority is required from the grounds of safety and protection. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Walk upright as you journey. Respect those around you greater than yourself. Treat them with all the kindness you have. Treat them as you wish to be. No greater the witness can be.

Safety can never come via the pen and paper. It can only arrive in the actions we take day by day together.

The power from “authority” will quickly tear apart in front of you. No more strong than the single piece of tissue paper is. When understood, the only authority they have, is that which you have handed over.

Our food is being taken from us. That which grows in and on the land, our home. Replaced instead by all manner of justification to only consume that which originated in a laboratory somewhere.

Many the marketing message required to explain this new logic and to try to justify this new normal. All false lies.

Yet when considered all, all this means is a totally isolation from the very Nature we are and live in. Into a new world of chemical and disease. For the further removed from nature the more ill, weak and dependent we will become.

For our bodies have been designed to Live in this world of germs, complex nutrition and sun light.

Living in a sterile world, eating “created food” will weaken the all of who we are. Weaken the very you, of who you are.

As those that tell us we need this new place of safety, this new cleaner better existence succeed, little by little, the power dependent we become. The more illness will take hold and more drugs and artificial control will be required.

Lastly and perhaps most subtle of all.

The frequency of our Natural home is being destroyed. The frequencies we take in and give out being squashed under the weight of faster better and more convenient.

We operate, exist and reside at 12 cycles a second. Our home has its own vibration and that of the solar system and galaxies around us. All completely naturally our home as we are in it.

Anything outside of this has the potential to be harmful to the very structure of the cell itself. Emissions from Microwaves, High tension electrical grid lines, cheap electronic household devices, screens, WiFi, Bluetooth, anything operating over the air interface needs careful consideration.

This grid of toxic unseeable mess, now beginning to be pumped at us from space. So there will be no safe place upon the surface of our home, to be.

Yet even if and when all this comes, as it is today towards us all, this can take nothing from us that we don’t hand over ourselves.

Love still comes from within you, by your action deeds and words. Compassion the same. Kindness the out working of the who of who you are.

Be mindful, mindful indeed in these times for yourself and those around, for many will fall around you.

Consumed be fear and panic. Unable to understand the world they are being asked to survive in.

Many will be looking for the real answers, which takes real courage now as you go forward, to provide.

Hold fast today to the truth you are discovering, Stay with the joy and Love you are seeing perhaps for the first time, Nurture and develop the very essence of the person you are discovering you were all along.

Many folk will come looking for you to be strong when they in turn, turn away from all the noise, looking instead for the Truth that has been taken away from, them in deceit.

Journey well and strong as you go. Waste not a second of your own development. Yet remain guided at all times. For what is right for you is not that, that perhaps anyone else needs. Nature knows its own time.

But at this time, time may well be short.

Journey well.


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