The Miracles you create.

The Miracles you create

Upon the background of the gentle solidness of the Universe, you get to play.

Have you ever stopped to consider the miracles you have created to now be where you are?

As you did, Nature did what it does and provided the playground of exploration that it allows, just for your knowing.

For when a child, remember that one friend with whom you bonded and learnt together. What now your memory of this experience if first you didn’t decide to say hello that faithful day? How different might have then been the path?

When you meet your partner. What had to happen to get that to happen for you, right then in that moment, in that place, together? What choice you had after that first time, not to circle back to say again?

When people darted and bullied maybe. What were your options to respond in anyway you saw fit? How different now, if you had responded differently?

At times of Joy. What action you took to return again to that place?

How many times have you missed a major mishap in your Life, just because you were late or early to something?

Trying to recall even the major of times, your Life path changed, difficult. Beyond ability to recall any fidelity of the times your choices changed your Life. Impossible the challenge.

Ponder now in the moment, each time your Life changed, before reading on.

The experiences available before you in such an environment, completely endless the possibilities. It truly takes the breath away, when considered. The twists and turns you could have taken to be now, today, where you are, or not.

This is not to consider the good or bad of your choices. For all experiences are there for the knowing.

his is not to look back and create more load to be carried now.

But solely to consider you as the miracle creator as each moment passes by. Rather a consideration of each moment and how free you were at all times to totally change the path you took.

If you are looking to the now of the Miracles being created.

Look no further than everything that lead you today to find and read this thought. How different might your Life be going forward, now because you have?

Looking forward, in the very next tick, as it passes by, you’ll find yourself there, still creating miracles for the rest of your days, learning, laughing, crying, in pain or Joy. Being the master of your entire experience.

Remember to be grateful also that you find yourself supported by the very Nature that keeps this place, as it is, for you and I.



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