The Universe is a fractal running in reverse.

The Universe is a fractal running in reverse

Time is weaved behind us as our decisions, split second by split second, change all things about to be observed. This is the same for every being alive that has choice. The only difference is the level of the ability to understand self.

The video is played out in front of you as a reflection fractal moving away.

For time can only ever do anything but, play out in reserve. We feel it coming towards us as what we see touch and feel, yet none of this is going in that direction. All of those things can only be moving away from us.

As fractals what they do if played in reverse, the future is created by the movement away. The pulling together of all things you experience moment by moment. The new new moment comes from behind affected by your choices.

The same as the outside conical shape of the fractal in reverse it would get smaller and small away as a cone does lying down. When you look down the internal shape of it with the center getting smaller and smaller.

So complex the concept of creation for not just one instance created. Each being has this dance played out in front of them. All time supported. All happening at the same moment, all interconnected.

Infinite and infinite again the process that maintains the flow. More incomprenable the concept of what created that.

Yet all there for us to experience, all possibilities abound.

Oh the splendour of this place.

The marvel all to comprehend, that oh we get to play.


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