The Language of God.

The Language of God.

Much care required to tune in just so.

For this is the language that can not be spoken, nor heard directly from any written text. Nor can this language be spoken by anyone. For this is not the language of man, but instead the language of God, our home and the Universe around us.

To be able to listen, much work required in the most simple of places.

For the mind must be made quite. The self talk it generates turned way way down. That of the Ego placed upon the shelf and quelled for not a squeak to be created.

It is if you become aware of the stones on your path. For they were laid just for you, millennia ago.

As they have been also for everyone here in this place. More now also awareness arises that the very stones are themselves held up by all the forces of Nature, now in the moment just so, so you may enjoy the grace to walk. Views expand, until horizons boundless.

Most seem to walk each day, as a sleep walker would. Present, alive but without the quietness and calmness to see, what now is being revealed to you. For they stroll, blinded by the dazzling lights of the world, missing all revealed in the space in between.

Caught up in material things, in the pressures brought to bear by this place. All there to hold you away from the truth of the path, your path. The Samsara of suffering.

It is only in total surrender that the real light appears. The awareness of being present and focused in the removal of the world from your Life.

With much focus , day by day, as the volume of the world extinguished, just as all seems lost. So then, bit by bit, you’ll hear those words, that direction that comes from outside.

The Truth spoken with the knowing that it is the Truth being heard. The truth that knows no time, no place, completely from outside. What is now proved was once only imagined.

From the poet Yeats: “I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

Your path extends beyond this thing we call Life, in this place. But carefully walk as you feel to, waste not a second.

Yours the next step or not. For no one else can.

In these places, much revealed.

The language of God will arrive so richly, the boundary of knowing somewhere way back in the past.

Journey well.


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