Beyond the limits of the Universe

Filled with blue sparkly light, ebbing and flowing. Changing the nature and strength of light revealed, constantly. The wonder in the eyes that have seen.

Each the shape of the hour glass. Thin centered, wide at top and bottom. Yet the Light only coming from that of the top half. The bottom seemingly more of a base.

For this place is beyond that of our Universe, far out beyond the place where understanding stops and just being, enough.

As far as the eye can see millions of crystal clear containers, suspended somehow in a place of ether. Just being there enough.

So large that no word could contain the expanse in which these vessels reside. Nor even come close to providing any comprehension of the size of each container.

Yet they exist all the same, whether or not we understand a thing. Nature just doing what it knows to do.

When queried about purpose: “These are the vessels in which Universes reside”, quick the answer.

Moving closer each vessel large enough to be holding up millions of Universes, as if bubbles from a child’s bubble blowing toy that over fills the sides. As if even they are pressured up against each other boundaries defined by space available inside each container.

The blue light intensely bright yet calming with Love overflowing.

In awe to be so close. Each twinkling in some way as the stars in our Universe do today.

Later even this view surpassed.

For even so vast this tray of containers, beyond description, it is but one in an infinite array of containers spread in 3 dimensions before.

Such is the Nature, in which we reside. Such is the Nature of which we are the same and can never be separate from.

Such is our place in that Nature. So so small, so incredibly small, when revealed this view. Yet in spite of size, all this place, all this bigger place of Nature exists just so you can ride the ride of your Life.

Waste not a moment.

That which is seen and unseen, there for you.


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