A prayer for you

A prayer for you

May you have the strength to hold onto the observer, regardless of hurdle set before.

May you find the skill not to carry bags others would bury you under. Equally learning how not to pick up those you have set before, as your journey travelled.

May you be steadfast to get to know yourself, without the mould of doubt and judgement dragging down.

May you be brave, oh so brave, to stay the path you feel to walk. Letting not that of convention limit and bind.

May you pay attention to see those in need around you and have the courage to try. For they are where you once was also.

May you learn the depth of Love. Love for and of your home. Love of yourself and family. Even Love for those, that might strike out against you. Remembering to breath as so much revealed.

May you find your place, where it is only you that matters. Yet at the same time hold onto the outside passion view.

May you find the courage to forgive yourself of wrong doing, before understanding arrived.

May you be brave enough to truly discover yourself, perceived failings and all.

May you find power for yourself from all experiences travelled.

May Joy, Happiness, Laughter and fun take root in your soul.

May you find the Love in your Life to that knows no bound.

The deep Love upon who’s rock mountains can be moved and ocean made still.



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