Two Chalices: Good and Bad

Two Chalices: Good and Bad

Both sacred vessels

Good: Love, Compassion, Love of Self, Love for another, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, Understanding.

Bad: Anger, Frustration, Self Loathing, Rage, Deceit, Destruction, Violence, Abuse, War.

When all boiled away, perhaps Life is none more complex than these two chalices.

Arrival meant the ability to control much around you. Actually your entire environment when considered deeply. Not least of which the energy you create and where this energy will add or subtract from.

For it is your free will applied and if working for good much energy and focus applied, that determines outcomes. For yourself, your family and all those you interact with throughout your day.

Every moment of every day we get to decide.

To smile at the stranger. To offer listening time because someone needs to unload. To tell someone they are crazy. To get angry and yell at someone.

It isn’t a judgement of character or nature. For even if label someone else good or bad, or an action taken the same. As a result my own spell is cast upon them. Just the act of your Nature being honed or not.

The path of good, that of sober walking.

Understanding how you react, why, and making changes as discovery unfolds. Moving towards and finding aspects of Joy, that you came to understand where there all along. Light, open and positive the chosen direction.

Yet more easy perhaps, the path to pay not attention at all to all those signs. No development / advancement, caught in the rutt. Just the staying in one place getting more frustrated, day by day.

When someone yells at you, insults with anger, how easy to reply like for like?

Being cut off on the road, you just got to let that idiot know what he is.

Talking over you, when all you were trying to do, was talk yourself. Man that gets right under the skin doesn’t it?

When car stolen or favourite item smashed on the floor.

You get shouted down before you can finish what you are saying. Only to have the other understand, if they had given you the chance.

What are the feelings that bubble up from deep inside?

Easy it is to strike back, with mountains of justification included for good measure.

Yet at end of all, just these chalices remain.

Do I, do you, add or subtract, in our thoughts, actions and plans towards ourselves and those around us?

From which one do we take and into which do we add?

Yet at end of all, just these chalices remain.


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