We can’t change anything really.

All that has been has been before, has been before. All that is going to be, was set down and understood before time began.

Such is the power of the flow that governs time and space in this place. The underlying flow that does what it does, supporting this place, this universe.

It has power to create, destroy, be or not be in perfect harmony with itself.

Stars being born, stars dimming with last light, to return from where they came. Galaxies being ripped apart, others only now gently forming.

For these are the not the forces of Man. These are the forces, the knowing of our entire home.

Unmovable, unstoppable, weaving since the beginning of time its magic cloth, the foundations of this place.

I arrived.

Into this place my arrival was known well ahead of time, my departure the same.

Mine the path to fight against the Nature here, or to understand the release in simply witnessing the flow around. Mine the decision to listen to “The World” and what others would have me think is their importance.

I am an individual, of course I am.

I have free will to decide my path, equally true.

But have you ever considered from where that grace is extended to you from?

Perhaps from a deeper darker place.

Mine the decision to take on board every told to be important, to fight and struggle through Life.

Constant years of bitterness and anger set to destroy perhaps even myself. Locked doors, doubting the stranger passing by, fear of something bad at every turn. Looking for the failure that you are sure will arrive.

As if this place owes me something, just because I exist.

My right, and truly it is. Have you ever stopped and considered this, from where this came?

In equal measure also my choice to put down all of that and focus instead to try to understand Love and Joy.

The Love of the why this place even exists.

The Love of who I am, the putting down of all that I would punish and harm myself with.  To learn the compassion for those around and the suffering being experienced.

The forgiveness for the harm I have caused, even to myself.

The deep Joy that comes just in gratitude for the opportunity to be in this Life. In spite of having no hand in your arrival.

No justification to ever be right or to hold the truth.

For these things are beyond our charter, in spite of what we are told.

The hope that in some way you have positively contributed to the Lives sharing this space with you. For they suffer perhaps even more than you.

That you learn how to Love and laugh with all that you are. Deeply, strongly with open arms, ready to tenderly share.

That you might learn what it is to be kind.

How grateful we should actually be, just for the eyes you have to read this. The ability to reflect or not, on its intent for you. For by the time reading done, for many, the opportunity lost forever in this go around.

For after I have departed, this place will continue to do what it does. Both at the macro and micro levels and everywhere else. In the support of us, as we enter and leave, to take from it the experience we choose.

We can change nothing really.

But we can experience much.


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