Just breathe

Just breathe

The world goes crazy.

We allow hundreds of thousands to die of hunger, to perish on the roads, millions. To die of all manner of induced illness, via what we eat and the pressures we live under as “normal”.

Got to get this done, done on time and don’t let me down!

The client is waiting on …

The kids need, the kids must have.

We don’t have enough. For the fact is is when caught in the trap, we never have enough.

I have let myself down, yet again.

What I do, the best I can do, seems never enough.

Always so much to cram in and so little time to make it work.

I wish more people understood me.

The world has a million ways to ensure you get buried and remain so. Unless serious change made, easy to remain caught, oh so easy.

Yet this is your Life to live. No one can take your part in it, no one.

When all crashing down upon you, easy to get buried above all the pressure. For you can make more, oh so much more of it all, than it even is as arrival draws close.

None of this owns you however. For none of it can take your essence unless you decide for it to be so.

In the times when all seems to be crashing down, remember, remember well, to take the time for you, or every minute spent on “achievement” and addressing all those massive hassles is time lost to the mess.

Time you surrender to the noise, for when considered well, for the most part that is all it is. Yet you pay the highest cost, you can, for what when considered all?

Make the time to take the time for yourself. All those worries and troubles might still be there when returning back to “normal” Life. Perhaps you’ll see them in a new way, when investment in yourself made.

A walk, some time spent listening to your favourite music. Time doing what you enjoy, away from all the noise. Not because you want to be seen in the doing, but rather that this becomes the gift you give yourself.

Your time to explore yourself with all the volume turned way way down.

Remember to breathe. Take yourself out of the madness. Give yourself the gift of discovering who you are in spite of all.

Remember to Breathe. Be still and just be. Let the gift given, wash over you.


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