Where time need not be

Nature beyond comprehension applies. Millions, billions of numbers of instances, so limitless in reality unable to comprehend.

Our part to be, just the tiny of tiniest existence’s to be. No less important than any other, no greater either.

These, these are the real Laws of this place. So thick these laws unable to understand, so strong the laws.

Nor these are the Laws of Nature the real Nature of this place.

It is from this place that we ebb and flow in our go round of existence. So tiny our part.

So proud we are of all we have achieved, yet even our most toxic of act, matters not. For it is only us we destroy. Only our home we take. Ours to decide, the right and wrong of it.

When humbled by the view beyond horizon, a peace arrives. For even from the flames of consumptive fire does heat and warmth come.

But this road is to be travelled at this time as Nature decides.

Much suffering perhaps before, but even this Natural in origin. For just as the mother delivers the babe, much pressure required before delivery and new creation takes place.

When viewed share just so, much warmth the result, much comfort arrives. For the knowledge comes, that we were always home in this Life and this.

How precious the time when considered thus, you can still be still in spite of all this.

For it was this that you were created. Where you opportunity to Love and Laugh and to feel the Love.

There the view from the mountain top robbed you of the breath. Where the spark of another’s eye held gaze and made time stop.

For it was into this place you came with chance to run and play, experience it all, for sure.

At this time, above all, hold steadfast to the gratitude of being, to the compassion for others, to the acts of kindness or even a smile.

Much celebration arrives for a knowing that at end of all, everything is going to be alight. Put down those bags of suffering you are carrying.

Rather take with you what has been yours from beyond time, given freely to you to experience and enjoy.

That of Love, Laughter and Joy.

In beautiful free fall you’ll be.


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