You arrived, but what did it take?

Billions of years ago, at a time before that, things were put into motion.

The Universe arrived, inside of which galaxies took shape.

Atoms grouped together, new chemicals and compounds the result.

A melting pot of potential, all results, as we now begin to observe and understand.

Inside our solar system, even here on our planet, the miracle of creation in plain sight.

For if all hadn’t given risen to all, then this place, our local home wouldn’t be.

Every atom, every proton, very energy wave acting and reacting over millennia.

To tunes we are yet to grasp.

But at every moment that has existed, each one a miracle on its own.

For everything required everything for us to see what we do today.

All dancing in the spiral that is this place.

The Nature in which we all reside.

It is into this soup of endless possibility you were born.

You brought with you nothing.

For each atom that makes you, borrowed for a while from this physical place to make your life possible, from this Nature, this Universe, this Galaxy.

Ultimately of course one day also will be given back.

With you, equally you’ll take not one atom of it with you when you depart.

For we can never be outside of this Nature regardless of where we reside.

No one here any different in this regard to anyone else.

Male or female, Black, Yellow, White, brown, red, tall, short, fat, skinny. Pimples, dimples and all.

No one.

No one can claim a higher place, at the expense of anyone else, at any time from this understanding.

On top of all this is however the “I” we all wrestle with, the not chemical or substance part.

Your conscious not the result of the physical laws of this place.

For no chemical reaction can create the personality that is you.

For it was outside this particle place from where you came.

It is to this non particle place you will one day return.

This entire stage has been set before you to make of it what you will.

For it is the non-particle wholeness of you that gets to decide.

That part that was you before you arrived here and will be after you leave.

Good, Bad, Honest, deceit, Anger, Love, passion, Jealously, Rage, Laughter, Happiness, contentment.

These, yours to experience, create and destroy with.

To learn from, or not.

Use them carefully, with deliberate intent.

Let no one puff up and say they are above all this over anyone else or you.

Equally may you never stand over another believing you above the stage set before.

For in this place, all are created equally the same.

For this entire miracle upon miracle created world is but an infinite array of choice, in which you get to lay.

Look to no one else for who you are today.

For it is your choices, that lead you to even be reading this.

Everything you have experienced and will before you go, yours to decide.

This should not be a competitive place.

Rather one of gratitude humbleness and caring should have taken hold.

Stay in this class room for as long as you can.

Learn from it, each day, waste not a second.

Remain open to what you have to learn from this miracle existence we call home.


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