At that moment when last breath drawn

Near death, the nurse buzzer pushed, having taken minutes to muster the energy to get to it. The energy to grow a finger nail, not present. Upon arrival the panic button pushed, all manner now converging into the room.

All manner of activity to protect Life, by so many now in the room.

Yet memory of all events remain as if crystal.

Gently leaving the body via the right top side of the skull, leaving those in the room to work on the physical. A vision of them doing most clear.

Arrival to a place of wonder.

Suspended in a vast emptiness of void. At height just floating.

Watching millions of coloured beads drift across the sky, thousands of feet above. Converge at centre point, to then fall as a waterfall down a clearly defined boundary, even in the void.

Billions of individuals floating drifting as if in a breeze, to arrive then at point of descent.

Coming from beyond the horizon all to converge. Yet if focused decided, each one individually easy to see. To move, was just to think about the new desired location only. Arrival without time lost, gentle the journey. To look down over the edge to see how far down the waterfall went, just a thought.

This was a place of magic, of awe. Time no longer present or a binding force. A gift beyond words, to just be.

Alone, yet totally surrounded, held, Loved. As if vision given contained enough Love to provide all ever needed, ever.

Gently, without haste, slipping back into body now, with every device known to man connected. With body still, immobile eyes shut, becoming aware of the physical room again.

Upon later inquiry, for four hours I was away. Yet when away, only a couple of minutes seemed to have passed. ——-

Physical Life is a journey, with beginning and end. Through the gates of birth and death we will all pass.

Yet if taught in correct manner, Death should be taught in every school across the globe. It is inevitable for each one of us, undeniable the fact.

But not by way of fear. Let it be taught that time is precious, all time, for we know not when our time will end.

Let it motivate discovery, exploration, fun, laughter, adventure, and Love. Let death be not of panic or fear, but let it drive and motivate your creation and joy.

I find nothing to fear in Death today, for it appears to be, just a change, not more.

Yet if we were all grown up enough to teach it correctly, how different would our world be?

How different the choices you might make today?

Would those things taught / taken and held deep down today, really be classed “important”, if time short was delivered in Love.

Be not afraid of the end of your play.

Rather acknowledge ends’ existence, to help guide your every day.

For if you don’t act now, maybe curtains close before ready, they might.


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