Life is a funny thing

Life is a funny thing

Drowning in the stress, the pain, the troubles and worries, all seem the norm. Hassles with the spouse, the kids always bugging, lonely, sometimes in need of someone to just talk to. That will understand you where you are, safe to share your deepest thoughts and emotions.

Yet we only got this life, this time around. Is focusing thus helping?

Looking at all the mess through another lens. Just enough to let that shard of light in, oh my, how “things can change”.

Like a flood, overwhelmed by, in fact a force so huge, it feels that you’ll drown any second now. But it starts slow. At first noticed that thing you have experienced a million times before, now seeing it again for the first time, through new eyes. The vision, your view of the world, starts to change.

The bird on the wing, the weed on side of road, the sound of the rain, the smile you gave without expectation of return. The smile of the partner, the touch of the kids, all now begin to reveal themselves afresh.

Day by day, Life starts to become somehow more balanced.

As this process takes hold even those bad things that triggered, seem less of less importance than before. Rising above the hold they held on you, bit by bit, has surrendered.

What was just a shard before now begins to widen into Light across your Life as normal.

Laughter, Fun, Joy and Gratitude becoming more predominant, more powerful for you. Even if reminded from the most simple of events. Even if no one else noticed, you internally smiled at the observation. Looking back then those things that bound and held down, much less powerful than before.

Eventually, no matter what adversity presents, you master the art of the observer. Understanding that it is more than possible to be in a place of celebration, fun and Joy. For you understand that one day this experience will end. Lost then, forever more the opportunity to focus on enjoying this thing called Life.

Life, can be a funny thing, a ride to enjoy if you decide to adjust your view to welcome in the shard of light. The refocus that changes your Life and those around you.

Life can be a funny thing.


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