Mainstream, where am I in it and why?

Mainstream, where am I in it and why?

Rivers’ flow as nature intends.

Swift where there is no hindrance other than the friction of water on water at the center. Their outer banks and shallows however slowed. Yet in other places eddies are created where the water will circle and pool, flowing up stream in fact against the main forces.

So rivers have a mainstream flow, stillness often at its bank, and everything else by way of blend. No border between any, yet the different aspects all in support of each other.

Life in our river is found everywhere.

The forces in the center ensure that static life forms find holding on most challenging. This is where those that can survive these torrents, are less inclined to locate for more than the briefest of times. The toll on Life energy and power too much to for life or the position to be sustained at the very center.

Life is easier nearer the banks of the river. More opportunity for Life to take hold and flourish. Where it is much easier to etch out a home environment and survive, it seems.

Both environments of course co-exist in the one same instance. Both a result of the other. Both valid legitimate places to be. One where sustaining Life is hard work, the other where perhaps Life has an easier, less of a struggle path to offer.

This is the exact same circumstance if we parallel on what it is to be alive.

The mainstream, the Life of commerce, business, international trade, speed, pace, pressure and oh so much force. Then there are the places where Life exists but at much slower pace, less pressure and more gentle on the individual, less hustle, noise and pressure.

Both have their outcomes.

Perhaps that of the business person rushing constantly under pressure, struggling to fit Life into Life.

Medical symptoms, mental stress, family pressures and sometimes the cost of trying to stay in the mainstream throughout an entire Life, exacted, very high.

Those that chose a quieter Life less pressure, burden and stress. Perhaps more laughter happiness and joy.

A life more simple, more focused and aware. More in celebration of what it is to be alive.

Both co-exist in exactly the same way as demonstrated by one of Nature’s most powerful forces, water in a river.

The difference with us is that we get to decide where we want to be in this flow, this “River of Life”. You get to make up your own mind what you want from Life and therefore where you want to be in it.

Two things are for sure:

1. We are in a flow of Life just like a river.

2. We can uniquely decide where in the flow we wish to reside.

Perhaps to be considered however.

The closer to the rushing current in the center, the less over all control you actually have about where you are going and what you are thinking, or being swept along to think. Additionally the more energy it will take from you to remain there.

The mainstream has its costs, benefits and result. Perhaps more out of control, more at risk of being washed over the waterfall.

The Alternative also has its costs, benefits and result.

That you will seek, you will find.

The critical part however is understanding that you have choice.


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