If this is all we could do

We arrive into Life, eyes sparkling, Life full of awe and wonder.

Time washes past us as we grow, all too quick.

Taught about commerce and primed ready to work. To earn just enough to hold you fast, maybe for the rest of your Life.

We seek after whatever is “mine”, what I have worked hard to obtain. All part of the toxic insidious game.

Seems such a waste that the theatre we are born into hold so many so fast. Often until the last.

What if our motivation for being changed just a bit. Where helping those around you, family and friends, suddenly became the fashion tip.

Where what you believe and your rights to press it all home, the Lustre of it all no longer held you down. Instead you decided another place in which you wanted to be found.

A place where you decided your own needs whilst important played now, second fiddle to the needs of those players around your, already in your Life.

Where whilst being responsible for yourself, your needs and wants, all those “must have‘s” you decide to push into the back ground.

For today as you have decided thus, you’ll going to look for ways to actually hold others up.

The opening of the door.

The smile arriving to someone to bless their day.

The meals shared with those in dire straits.

The things done for others in secret, knowing that no one will ever find you out.

The shopping bags carried, to help take the weight off.

The ear given, for as long as required, to allow another to lighten the load.

And would it, would it be enough, truly so?

The answer: Yes.

At least the idea attractive enough. That perhaps in this new way we can indeed create something fresh.

A place where we can all live without quarrel and to be in Peace.

Where law is not required, just the opening of the door to someone in need.

For at end of all, don’t we all just want to live in Peace?

But where, where will this Peace come from, if indeed we don’t set our minds fast?

From nowhere it will come, sliding past us, taking with it, our chance.
For if we want a new world for those coming after us. It is up to us to today strike that foundation rock steady and steadfast.

Be mindful as you live this thing called Life.

Make sure your name is found on the right side of history, as others look back.

And would it, would it be enough, truly so?

I think it would.

At least it would be worth giving it a go.



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