From where did they come from, all those big events?

History’s big events even those of today seem massive. For millions of lives changed often the result.
The formation and defining of the United States of America. Millions of lives changed before having no idea. Millions of lives after changed forever.

The collecting of the separate kingdoms of ancient China into a single centrally ruled country and its movement into a Communist state. Changed an entire regions’ way of thinking and living, lifestyles and more.

Napoleon changed oh so much of the world.

The Catholic Church has been influencing and changing, holding together and destroying various parts of the world, for all time it seems.

Those in the world of science and discovery constantly modifying our understanding of our home, our perceptions of how it all works. That of Atomic bomb, DNA, fabric’s plastics all bare the same witness.

The world wars that have been upon us throughout history. That of greed, deceit and hate casting such a dark shadow over our lands and waters. The millions of lives lost, gone now accounted for only in the records of our past.

All of these and so much more changed everything for everyone. All so different in result and impact and yet all, all of them sharing one common element.

They share that none of them took shape without someone doing something right from the very start.
All of them required but one individual to choose to do something. Sometimes of course a small group of two or three, but for the most part all of them started in the mind of an individual somewhere.

That individual was no different than you.

Born of a mother and father. Grew up somewhere in the world. Was formally educated and for the most part, some of the greatest minds and bringers of change didn’t go through much if any at all formal education. Had an idea and acted upon it. All the same for those with negative and positive outcomes.

Yet their impact on the world, how far that idea or decision changed the world, simply amazing.

Upon reflection for you.

In your life, right where you are today, you have the same opportunity to act or not act on something.

But you know not where that idea may take you. We all don’t know where are next decisions will take all of humanity.

Your decisions can and do change the world.

Either in a small way or sometimes with massive outcomes. These “icons of history”, no different than you.

The art is being present enough to make better choices, act on your hunches and dream those dreams.

Seek out improvement in everything you are doing for yourself and those around you. Be present in your Life.

Decide to take your part of making our home a better place to live.

History one day may well track down those pivotal decisions with you at the very start of it all. Those that are today famous revealed through history, no different than where you are today.


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