All things known and unknown

All things known and unknown

Boundaries beyond the realms of understanding. For in this place time and distance have no part.

The inside is only energy and information.

One required to sustain life force and everything needed to support the environment, inside which our Universe resides, but is just a small part. The other, the entwined knowing of knowing, that is instant by nature, distance no limitation. Where all things are known before and after without limitation.

No difference between physical and non-physical applies.

Every motion of movement causes different outcome for the entire place. All variations already known and understood. Each causes completely different Universes to play out with variations beyond the infinite.

The movement of galaxies interacting with the other, in the same way each bee in the hive changes the outcome for the all and all around. Each movement causing irreversible variations to spawn, to exist for all time. Moment by moment new, but known, supported it all is. Each proton of this physical, holding all information that ever was and to be. Distance across universe not understood by the very power that holds all this together.

For all just is.

In this place all is possible.

Energy available beyond power to understand. Ready and intertwined surrounding us all this energy is, contained in every atom. More powerful in fact in the space in between all that of substance.

And why, why you might ask, does all this exist is all this in front of us all in this place?

It, all of it without shadow, without hesitation, without hint of reservation, is just a gift a simple pure pristine gift.

In all the infinite ways anything might get to play out, we get to experience, respond and react individually to all that was and will ever be. For in this place there is no right or wrong, everything just is.

It is this just for you.

For it is you that gets to create, destroy, build up or pull down.

For the ultimate gift inside all of this is that you get to decide. It is the Free will given to you that is the creator above all. You are the master of all that is around you. How you respond, in Love or Deceit entirely, legitimately, responsibly yours. For even in inaction is action just the same.

We are not built to grasp all revealed. Just a small glimpse of what is, enough for many Life times. For that of the boundless, impossible to understand by the bounded mind.

But it is for you that all this exists.


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