How to still the noise

How to still the noise.

The daily grind (because there is a cost), kids to school, partners to work, bills to be paid, all those meetings to attend.

Those ever increasing deadlines at work. Those folks that said they would do something and didn’t. The shop that just closed in spite of all effort to get there before that time.

The running to catch the train. The traffic jam, just when it is needed the least. The plane flight that continues to be delayed.

This is that that many call modern Life now. Yet when examined this rat race machine, all consuming, completely toxic it all is.

I have no chance to change any of it. No hope of ever freeing myself from all the noise. Often the replies received when someone asked to look at themselves.

I am having trouble making ends meet. Yet whether or not you have too many ends never considered.

For there are ways of being in that hassle, pressure and stress, yet be in a place of great calmness and peace.

As the yacht uses the power of the wind, it is however limited in what it can do by the strength and direction of that wind. If the wind that is your power comes from corporate ambition, the desire to always have and been more, then these things too will limit / cloud / confuse the direction you can take.

Yes, you can have those things if you like. But it is the why of it that is oh so important.

So the first places to start to unravel “things”, or to understand them better is with you.

Are you happy? If not why not?

In the achievement of things, has the feeling of achievement stayed with you for long, or did it fade fast leaving as a result to have to wind up and start chasing again?

Do you feel satisfied in what you are doing?

Are you having trouble “making ends meet”? Maybe you have too many ends in your Life?

This is not limited, by the way, to the confines of money. It also implies or asks questions about how busy and crammed full your Life might be. If you are so busy that you never have real quality time to yourself, getting more than a few meters from the jetty will prove extremely challenging.

Are you applying yourself into your Life by way of constant struggle? Are those things you chase even in your leisure time, just really when examined thoroughly, just more pushing and struggling?

This is not to say you shouldn’t be doing something. It asks the question about the motivation and the purity of the energy you have assign to the doing.

Are you drinking enough water and is the food you take to be “normal” actually good for you?

In all these starting positions, notice that they all point towards applying a shift into your Life.

The environment outside of you will always be there. Yes you can alter tiny aspects of that environment, but until you at a personal level, begin to examine your own motivations not much will actually be realised.

For it is the “what am I doing” and the “why I am doing it”, that matters most. Not the actual of what you are engaged in.

After a period of asking these and many other questions of yourself, “things” will start to change.

What others say about you will start to matter less, much much less.

You’ll start to see the Nature around you, where you reside. Even if you have seen it all before a thousand times repeated, on the train ride to work. Things will start to pop out in ways you haven’t noticed before.

You’ll start to listen to others in a different way. More compassion opening up.

“Things” that seem totally important before, will become less so. Replaced bit by bit by what was right before you all the time. Just too busy and packed to notice.

Those things outside of you will always be there. The hustle, bustle, deadlines and pressures, whilst you remain in that environment as they always will be. But you need not let them consume you.

You can stand in the middle of it all, quiet on the inside, with the sense of knowing that becomes your internal wind.

For unlike those being blown around by external force, who’s origin remains beyond horizon.

You get to understand how to make your own wind, empowering yourself. Through this process, all that noise that bothered and consumed before, gently melts into the background.

How thin but incredibly toxic the veil was when you come to understand.


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