She stands ready

She stands ready

Her whole life has led her to this point.

All the joy and pain, all the suffering and laughter, all the heartache and tears shed. All these things and so much more have delivered her to this point.

Perfectly in the place she should be for this moment in time. For the “now” is time of next perfect moment.

To approach the water much sand has slid between the toes.

Exactly as if individually each grain of sand, an example of each experience and decision taken and now past in her life. Solid underfoot when stepping forward, but grains pushed behind when “now” reflects a different location.

Each step bringing her forward to this moment in time.

Each grain coming and going to bring her to this moment in time.

But these are the things of the path already travelled. Much learning and experienced gained. The past now however unchangeable.

Weathered all that has been thrown her way, she has.

On that exact sunny day, warmth of the Sun on the face, the path delivers her to new terrain. Clear the view from horizon to horizon. Soft sand now given way to firmer ground.

Nothing to prevent proceeding in any direction, it seems. For the view is endless, as the possibilities in all our lives before.

For looking out, these are the waves of the coming future.

Splashing against her sometimes when least expected, bringing much turbulence into her Life. But unable to apply any influence to “what’s coming” she is. In fact, in most times for her, as it is for you, she can’t see their arrival.

The next steps, left, right or centre are hers to take.

Hers to decide which path she feels her life now needs to take.

Whilst not every day that of fair weather sailing, still she gets to freely decide the next step.

This is the same for each and every one of us, each moment of each day.

To my darling wife.

I am in awe. You take my breath away.

Such a pleasure to be journeying through this thing called Life, with you.
The honour of being beside your side, all mine. From where you came to where you are now, unbelievable the change.
Your smile lights the world, your laugh should be contagious, as it is for me.
To my best friend, my lover, my wife, the mother of our children, the owner of my heart.
I love you, with every fibre of being.
May your future be filled with great discovery and joy. It is so much fun to ride the ride with you beside.

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