How thin the veil

How thin the veil

As the world discovers how the processes of “economy” and global trade, just in time delivery, leaves society extremely exposed.

Where life forever changed the result.

The motivation of the world reveals itself. For it is a world totally focused on financial profit, not on best outcomes for the citizen’s of this planet.

For those with the eyes to see.

For in a time where forever more never to be the same again, we will be.

When I look towards the media, what do I see?

I see normal programs and series running, as they always do.

I see advertising for products and services, as I normally do.

I see companies selling me a better future, as I normally do.

I see a torrent of information about everything shutting down and how profits for the corporations are being affected.

I see a deluge of information about how the stock markets are reacting.

But when I look beyond the media and look through the veil, it reveals a world solely focused on money.


Dropping all normal programming, and all advertising minutes across the board. For these are now completely irrelevant today.

Why aren’t we watching and interacting with what the world might look like beyond these current dark days?

What things we could be doing, should be doing now, to prepare for this “changed world”.

Why aren’t we watching advice about how to look after ourselves physically and mentally going through long periods of isolation?

Why aren’t “the experts” modelling this changed world and sharing their work with humanity?

Why aren’t we seeing stories about food stocks globally, and the plans to keep us all fed?

Why aren’t we seeing and interacting with sharing thoughts and feelings about how society might work in the future?

Why aren’t we discussing, in what form education might take for our kids in the future?

Why aren’t we being shown how to grow locally?

How to survive, in the event that vital services are impacted over coming months or years?

How to rebuild community when we are allowed to come together again?

As a species why aren’t we together already, talking and planning how to avoid ever ending up in this place again?

(Just stop for a second and think about all this means.)

But no, sadly it seems, someone stills thinks that the best thing they can do for me is to keep me focused on “the same”, no change in sight.

More, they have a pair of sun glasses I’ll never wear, but in the latest colour. Where I save 25% in a “special deal for the viewers”, and have to hurry to purchase them.

If you ever wanted to see “the real world”, now is a perfect time to look.


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