Extremely positive change might be on the way

At a planet level, Life is changing rapidly around us. Sadly affecting everyone’s lives.

Much of what we took for granted now exposed or being exposed. Just how thin these “just in time” global delivery systems are. Just how skewed the results from a profit driven financially motivated system. The fact that what we are told is an “economy” or an “economic system” is simply a bloody mess of profit and greed.

How much more unnatural might be the outcome of those that purport to have our best interests at heart today?

At just the very tip of how toxic this “economic systems” are:

Why do the drugs we are told to take, have side effects far worse than what we presented with?

Why has, what is called “food”, resulted in “health food” sections in our malls? (Shouldn’t all food be in fact healthy?)

Why do more than 16,000 kids a day die of starvation, because it is not profitable to feed them?

Single use, consumption based everything. In a torrent pouring towards us, drowning. Individual labels on fruit and vegetable.

Individually wrapped everything.

Products deliberately designed with failure after a certain time built right in, so we have to purchase more.

This list is sadly, almost infinite. For the only things lurking in this “profit” is fear or greed, or both.

So what is our response, individually and as communities to these challenges?

Now having the general population see exactly how fragile our “economies” actually are, will we, and might we decide now to take another path?

Without picking on anything in the market as being “wrong”, as the issues of production run deeper than to leave our thinking at an individual level.

Might we take back the words like “economy” and “profit”, removing the monetary implications and redefine them from different “outcomes” based approaches.

Is this product made locally? If not can we produce it locally? (Even nationally if not locally)

Is this product good for the health of the consumers and our children?

Can whatever it is, be made to last for as long as possible with replaceable parts?

Is it recyclable?

Is it planet friendly, in how it is made, what it is made from?

Could “profit” mean, to produce things that are as good for us, whilst being as light on the planets resources as possible?

Could “Economy” mean produce locally first, before all else?

Produce as planet friendly as possible, from production to end of life.

Nothing today is more obvious, that this “economy” based, global, “Just in time” system brings with it massive risks for everyone on the planet. This “profit” based world.

The only real profit inherent in the current processes is profit measured in the return for shareholders, not the consumers. But for sure what we have today isn’t correctly focused.

It feeds off the very people and their environment it is supposedly there to serve.

Or will the world of “convenience” reign again to have us all no better off than what we are experiencing today?

The real outcome of what the world will look like post this current mess, is in the hands of all of us to decide.

And what of future generations?

What of being good guardians of our home?

Do we decide now to change our focus away from money and that world of profit? Stepping forward and begin today to focus instead of how to live well together in community.

To look with even more intent or desperation, towards the very governments and corporations who have fed off us all? The answers from these sources and where we are today, madness.

Those “answers”, are fought with danger.

The very entities that created this mess will never hold the answer, the motivational focus is wrong.

From where does it start?

It all starts in the instant we decide to live not for ourselves but for those around us who need help, but not before.

This might be the smile you normally wouldn’t have given. The ear ready just to listen without judgement. Perhaps even the shoulder to cry on.

The decision to turn away from all the noise coming from those same corporations, governments and the media.

The decision not to stomp on and take advantage of the person next to you. Where you might have previously conducted yourself poorly.

The decision not to purchase “single use” anything.

The decision to try not to continually purchase more, where enough was already the result.

The decision to start to help one another, where we can.

The decision to be kind and compassionate to each other.

Learn how to trust. Individual to individual, community to community, nation to nation. Because that Trust will be warranted.

It all starts with you and me and the next second of time.

Hands up. Those that will take on this most sober of challenges.

Go ahead, change the World!

Take with you the lessons currently being taught.

Let them guide your path.



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