All my troubles seemed so far away.

A song perhaps about sadness and loss.

Of missing those that you knew, those you felt safe with, able to say anything without judgement. Just to share.

Of that friend where no explanation was necessary. Just being all required. Just to be enough.

A most healthy place to be for us, for a while. For this journey is such an amazing mix of everything imaginable and so much more.

Change at all levels, is being worked through and around you all the time. Even when not conscious of it, seemingly not doing anything at all, change is working its magic.

Be in sadness for it is indeed healthy to embrace everything Life offers.

The good and the laughter, but also the loss and longing.

For in all things, the blend the mixture that makes the whole vitally important. Celebrate it all, even those bits that hurt so deeply.

But don’t stay long in the darkness for long.

Too much of any one part, that makes the whole that is you, not healthy. For there is balance everywhere in Nature as it is so natural to be in balance yourself.

Embrace the all that is thing we call Life. All of it, the good and bad natural.

Don’t miss out, understand the ride. Let all of it, make the whole that is you, stronger.

Remember to reach out to those around you today. Tell them of your Love, their friendship.

Let not your tomorrow be your yesterday, with regret.


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