History, that period that happened a moment ago

History that period that happened a moment ago

Happened a moment History, it happens without ceasing over and over and over again. Each new second past is a moment we can’t change, will never be able to change. Over time those slices of time add up to provide us a view into the past into what we call history.

Many become more aware of the past, focusing upon the “bad things”. Much passion and anger directed between groups to attempt some form of resolution. Much activity and energy being lost to try to erase “the past”. Or to try to make it better than it really was, perhaps.

But trying to erase history just leaves all of us more vulnerable to repeat the same mistake somewhere in the future. For if indeed aspects of the past do get “removed or altered” in some way we rob ourselves to the very core.

Mankind has lots to learn, lots to improve on. Our history is that foundation, where the real lessons of life remain for all time. Proud of them all?, of course, as a species we are not. But to try to erase them from being seems such a waste rather than to choose to learn from it.

None of us can change that moment just gone by.

Let those aspects of our history hold us accountable to do better in the future. Let them teach us how we took those decision’s through which we arrived at bad outcomes. But to turn away from and try to ignore our history seems madness.

If you want, we want, a better history to look back on, to be proud of, then it is for the individual to make better choices in the now. To be focused on the application of energy and decisions for better outcomes. Using the lessons felt from the past to improve the history yet to come.

You are the creator of your own history. We are the creators of our communities, countries and global history.

If better outcomes are sort, what better place to start than the individual choosing better options, day by day. It is upon all of us individually and collectively, not to focus on the bad energy of negative history. But rather to learn from it.

For it is true that, for everything bad that has happened in the past it took one individual to have an idea which was put into action.


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