The amazing twist in the tale

The amazing twist in the tale

(This assumes “The Craftsman plies his hand to the craft” has been read.)

Perhaps that most amazing aspect of this journey. You are the craftsman of your own vessel. But even more, if that is possible, you get to decide where your energy goes. What you let in, keep out, and focus upon is all totally yours. Nothing can stop that process, if you so choose.

Storms might be about, as you adjust and hone the design of your craft. Sometimes even bailing like mad just to stay afloat, necessary. But throughout all, over top of all that is happening in present, we get to decide and play at levels beyond that of the mere sailor caught in the storm. More than the sailor / craftsman could imagine.

Indeed, privileged we are.

We get to work on ourselves at levels beyond that of just the physical.

We can decide to develop our spiritual well-being, our connections to the original craftsman.

To overload the senses even more, to the point of overwhelming suffocation of joy. Our focus can be trained to rise above any storm, rather to focus upon all that is good in this place.

Regardless of the height of the waves, if our vision adjusted just so, we get to enjoy and celebrate all that is about us.

The trees, plants, flowers and wildlife that just abundantly go about doing what it has done since time immemorial. The warmth of the sun on the face.

The tenderness of another’s touch upon the skin. The freshness of the dew in the soft summer’s morn. The smile of the child that loves unconditionally. The laughter that bursts sometimes beyond control. The warm arms that hug. The smile that fills the room.

We get to paint and create, to interact with all that is offered. To play music, to write, to dance, to sing and even just be. Watch the nights first star light, and listen to the wind rustling leaves in the tree. Smell the whiff of camp fires first smoke and feel the warming heat on the face.

Discovery, intrigue and fascination.

Endless should be our joy if, where we all are, truly appreciated.

Deep honest overwhelming Joy. When water threatening the side, don’t forget to try to keep focus thus.

Yet even more for only the physical yet described.

With increased gratitude, humility, inner strength being remoulded connection to the original craftsman builds. The world revealed anew. Colours are richer and deeper. Grace extended, if even just in kindness brings new view.

These are not the corridors of boasting, nor that of standing over another, but rather the places of gentleness, and deep Love.

These are the hallways of trust, of letting go. Of just being, immersed, breathing.

Alteration and tuning your vessel are still on your shoulders.

But trusting without stress or fear, the places where we all get to make that Divine connection.

The art of the letting go.

The place of Love.


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