The craftsman plies his hand to the craft

The craftsman plies his hand to the craft

From generation to generation the craft handed down. Each adjusting, trying different techniques, using variations on the theme. Hours and hours, lifetimes sometimes spent tuning and adjusting the design. Refining improving, sometimes taking a wrong turn to be forced to back out from changes made. Always learning from the experience.

Such is the craftsmanship required to construct in just that certain way.

Until tested however, the craftsman can never be sure of the sea worthiness.

How does it handle in the claim water of the bay? What happens when crossing the bar? How does it accommodate the various sea states the designer required?

It is not until the craftsman’s work is tested can the real knowing begin to reveal itself.

Without the hull, sails, rigging and rudder under load the vessel never actually becomes one.

For it can sit out of the water as long as it likes. Looking pretty, being admired by all who pass. Yet without load it will always remain untested for the very task it was built for.

This is exactly the same upon consideration of your Life. Many thousands of hours can be invested, learning all manner of expertise, knowledge and technical correctness. History discovered and researched, all options considered.

Advice handed out like candy.

Judgement of others quick to the fore.

Yet still the vessel lies untested upon the beach, for all to admire.

How much pain is endured without wider understanding of the process that must be applied to Life?

Without knowledge for the masters’ craft needing to be tested. How many tears flow without knowledge of the refinement process being worked? Everyone hurts, everyone cries, feeling alone without view to the bigger process working its magic upon all of us.

Such a waste, so much more the suffering if the testing process not understood.

Storms come and they go. Never more than the strength of the individual to endure, it seems. But pass they do, plain sailing on those beautiful summer days ahead. Maybe somewhere in the future to rise to the challenge of enduring another storm.

Yet still there is more, for the twist in this tale. Your hand becomes that of the craftsman.

For it is your hand how you choose to react or not to those storms that surround. You get to choose whether or not to help those around you enduring the rough seas.

For all control of modification and adjustment has been handed to you the very moment you were conceived. It is you that trims the sails, sets rudder just so and makes alteration to the design in response to the waters.

Ride the rough waves, enjoy the stillness of the calm waters, understand the process that is this thing we call Life.


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