The Ferris wheel ride

The Ferris wheel ride

Through the child’s eyes.

So much excitement as the bar clicks closed to hold you fast, hardly able to remain seated, the trill about to consume all. Slowly the giant eases to life, moving up and away from the ground. Gently the breeze increases on your face as height gained slowly.

Before you all the glitter and lights that were there all along. But now the experience of being above, changes your perspective, view changed, you can now see it all. Neither going up nor down curbs the excitement of the ride, around and around you go.

Gradually however what held you, the trill, begins to wane.

Those lights, buildings, and scenery no longer in awe held. It is as if their lustre has dimmed because it has now become “normal”, not new.

The early excitement now, all too quickly, has changed into boredom and looking towards the next thrill ride, your head turns, to that of new. Yet the wheel continues to turn.

As the ride continues, attention might go from the lights and glitter to the detail in the scene. The car moving, the road upon which it travels.

Maybe it even swings towards that of the wheel itself. How it is made, welded and bolted together. The others on the ride at the same as you.

How it vibrates and the sudden jolt as it stops to allow others to leave. Forgotten now the thrill of the ride but rather a deeper fascination of the experience itself takes hold.

This ride called Life, no different.

The excitement of the first pay check. The first romance, the chest beating so fast. The career that stretches out far before. The flat or house to be replaced by yet another bigger one, for which you have worked so hard, so long.

For many this is where the enjoyment of the ride resides.

Not asking deeper or wider questions. Never getting bored with the lights and noise as the wheel spins. But remaining transfixed by the lights and show being played before.

Not understanding that in doing so, they are indeed a physical part of the ride. Not stuck in traffic, but rather actually part of traffic jam.

For the few who got bored, questions mark the arrival of experiencing the ride. What holds this wheel up, how was it made, what was it made of. These, the nature of questions that begin to pull you out of the distracted mess.

Yet as incredible as this all is, there are many more layers waiting.

For what makes me react in the manner I do? How am I behaving towards those in my Life? Am I reacting to build up or pull down? Is there more to me than the eye has seen? I am aware of it.

This ride called Life.

Come experience it, as much as you are brave enough to immerse yourself in it.

This ride called Life. Experience as much of it as you can.

Don’t forget about the thrill through those child’s eyes, of that first Ferris wheel ride, fill of awe and wonder. When your eyes saw the view for the first time. But remember now to look beyond the first view.


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