A new world – Why not?

A new world – Why not?

We seem credibly addicted to this modern world.

Rape of the planet (our only home), poverty killing more and more each day, pollution rampant, stand on each other’s throats the order of the day.

Interesting indeed when you investigate the drivers, being seduced and tormented.

And yet all this, all of it, seems to focus on only one side of how and what could be achieved if even briefly we started to focus on the other aspects, of this thing called life.

What other aspects:

Local food production, community markets:

Why aren’t we seeing local markets in each suburb where food is traded for food?

No money exchange, just abundance being shared.

Local community gardens cropping up and thriving everywhere. Land set aside for the same in all future design and development.

Music and the arts:

Why not places for people to meet and share the arts?

Street Cafes (or just places) where musicians come and give away there talent’s, share with others gifts given.

Places for street art to take place spread throughout our communities.

Green Stuff:

Bring the forest to the city.

Just get planting native grow wherever we can.

Setting aside places for this in future development.

Quiet places:

Places to go just to be quiet.

For meditation, healing, sharing and caring for our fellow human traveller.

Local Pollution:

There just shouldn’t be any, anywhere.

Ten minutes, heck even five, picking up rubbish around your home, all it takes.

What might these and many others really take to bring forth? Just a change in priorities that’s all.

Giving up and turning away from some of the seduction and first as individuals and then societies, change our priorities towards the celebrating and celebration of what it really means to be alive.

Ultimately all those seductions last, not long. Onto the next thing you’ll rush.

For what are we really doing with the inheritance that will be passed on to our kids, unless now, we start to make the change?

What can you do? A lot when you decide.

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