Going beyond

First port of call the boundary of our existing Universe. As you arrive so you depart. Now floating beyond the edge of what we call home. On the other side of divide of our Universe and what lies beyond.
It slips oh gently off the right shoulder as it draws away from you now distant on the outside, you already are.
But as you look back, outside the boundary, plainly you see. For as you travel even further and up somehow you know the ride. For before, amazing glinting vessels sparkle from beyond that of left or right.
Hour glass in shape but see through, enormous they are. The top half glinting, sparkling in most amazing ways. All hue of colour just dancing, twinkling in magical celebration, being played out before. Each one for as far as eye can see. The every glance a feeling of Love pouring forth.
Each one filled with separate spheres all pressing in on each other, clear and see through. Hundreds, perhaps thousands fill each glass. Just like the bubbles in your bath do. But oh the light show coming from each one. The dance of Life before.
Each vessel held suspended just so. In perfect formation, attracting and repelling, holding each other fast there, suspended in space.
Flying around, investigating that revealed, holds you for a while. But then the voice gently forth, comes.
“You can ask any question you like” laid before your feet. As audible as that whispered in the ear at the picture theatre.
Moment considered thus, “what am I looking at” the question asked.
“These are the vessels that hold the Universes”, comes gently the reply.
In that moment, gently it arrives. “This is size of all that, that God holds up”, just to bring us our lives. How humbled the result, when like a bomb it hits you that this entire place is about Freedom and Love.
The freedom to kill and destroy, if we decide. And the Love it takes to hold each other on high, right from the very start.
Quickly now, when scope of message / understanding understood, shooting backwards up and away at an angle. It arrives faintly at first, that same twinkle seen before. Sharper and sharper it comes, another tray of twinkling vessels from above, as distance allows it to come into focus. Spanning as far as the eye can see left and right.
Even faster now, endless trays have continued to arrive as you continue to accelerate away from the original one, first explored. Until now a cabinets worth of trays on display before. Each now stacked one upon the other. The gap between the trays now looking like sheets of paper stacked on top of each other.
More acceleration occurs. More and more “filing cabinets” now come into focus the further the rush of the ride takes you away. Filing cabinets appear endless left and right now also with incredible depth. Far below and far above, in front and beyond they are.
As the brain tries to understand the infinity being revealed, it physically starts to hurt. To the point where you have to withdraw from the entire experience. For the mortal brain has not been built to accommodate a real experience of the infinite.
And the point of this entire ode? Our little story told just so.
Throughout all, the only feelings experienced is that of Love, Wonder, Gratitude, Peace.
For it is only when ready, these things will be shown.
When the Love that holds itself up, holds all “just so”, doesn’t overcome you to the point in which you will be crushed. Left smashed into pieces just by the knowing of what provides us the Nature, we experience.
The size of infinity held perfectly in balance that makes the entire place possible.
For the Power, the real power, is Love.
Love and only Love.

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