Hands up all those that carry hurt and pain, grief and doubt

Hands up all those that carry hurt and pain, grief and doubt
Those things that weigh down, hold us fast, snuff out our light of possibility, quick smart.
“Why not instead another way you decided?” as you made your path”, the single question needed to change our world forever.
So simple and immediate the contrast would be.
For we would decide, each one of us, to be the healer of all around. Putting down all given to us to have us to run around. Our real “reality” the only game in town.
Where Balance, Harmony, “common advancement” held high by each of us.
Rather than the game played now, by nearly all about.
Taking our role as “creator” indeed we might be. Rather than the messy ink being blotted about.
Wake up those who have ears to listen, for now is the time of the risen.
Those that have done the much and very necessary work. Be brave in these days, brave enough to continue to shine “The Way”.
For this evil, one day soon will regret its decision to reveal itself of late.
For the light we have been asked to hold, and guide with, not ours to snuff out.
Shine brightly in these times, let compassion, gratitude, openness, Love and wonder, try to guide those going too fast.
For it is to so few that this picture has been given.
For you know the limitless, just the tiniest piece you’ve come to know. Almost too much in the moment to sustain Life.
Let this part of you indeed, now shine out.

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