This house has to burn down

This house has to burn down

All it took? Now understood to be wrong.

In spite of all the years it took to build, burn today it must.

For in its’ hallways much hidden, out of sight.

The strings that open and close the windows, hidden in plain sight. The flaws in design now plastered over, hard, too hard to be chipped down.

For when foundation not complete not correct right from the start. How shaky indeed, is this stack of cards, now it has taken shape.

Even the view out of the window, dressing not more. For even that, that which we might imagine as a result, limited the view we have been given before.

Controlled to pen and hem in, almost everything has been.

But fear not, don’t lose heart.

For it is our Nature, you can hear now, calling us home. As it always has before, now with volume turned up.

For out of so much destruction it indeed will come.

We’ll know not, not that of the world and walls and all they have defined.

Rather we’ll have it. It will all be worked out, before us as we play in this place.

Grand, it will be on the day. So splendid, it will forever take your very breath away. Changed for all time ahead our lives will be.

Just resting in this new place, from the ashes now risen.

Such Joy, Space and Freedom, with depths never considered, will be.

So come, come and warm your hands by this fire.

Knowing now that the warmth you’ll feel. Simply, that of new birth and first breath in this time anew. Before time this all started you see.

For those that know, the knowing will be.

For what it shape it will take?

Until then, we just have to wait, for the new breeze to come, as we know it arrives in the now.

For today now indeed, the veil has been torn down.



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