We have danced now, like we knew before

For we dance

We have danced now, like we knew before. Finding our feet again, finding our souls. Learning to dance our way.

Supported by all the has come and been before. That which is and will never be not.

Held gentle and fast, but safe in these times as we play.

Knowing the knowing that can not be expressed. Just being, from where we never left.

Those steps now taken, the drifting, so sweet under the foot as we dance. The swirling, just to be.


Hold your compassion for self and those around. Many pot holes in front, much dumpy ground.

For it is this gift given, that has been forgotten so long ago.

The very music and Joy that is Life. Now rising up from deep within the ground. From where it is been all along, all around.

Hold the magic that is this place. For it is the very thing that will win this race.

That which supports the oceans and the waves. The warm summer breeze as it gently arrives to your face. The Smile that can not be denied. That glint in the eye. The sparkle in the eye.

Hold the light just so, so that others my find where they need to go, where they need to be, just so, in this time.

For I know who I am. What is needed to be.


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