This space here has been created for you.

But this place is not that of noise, haste or pressure, not that of the world. But more than that a door to be opened to let you come home. Home, this place created for you in which to reside.

A place where all you need to be, is just to be.

To be free of the world and to move into Love.

To hold the celebration of understanding now what it will be like on that day. When all this mess and dust has settled before. Leaving us just to be us, one that day.

Celebrating all that is Life, embracing the all, that makes us whole.

But when you come here, please leave the world at the door. Bring nothing with you apart from all you are, right from the start.

Dance with us now in one accord. Dance with the Joy of knowing. That which is being heard.

That which is yours, asks you now to stand up. To be free of all the suffering in this place.

Come with us now as we experience this most amazing of rides. Learn how to put down the Ego, the hate, the hurt and the Pride.

Come with us as we dance with you. Hold fast today to the healing being offered to you.

Come share this planet, as together we stand and dance and play.

For isn’t it just enough to be?

Played to the entire world no less. That which knows no beginning or end.

Amazing in this place, we will be.

Just resting in the fabric that is this place, we find ourselves at. That which holds us up, to being all we can be.

To be held up by the thread.

Oh so loud the celebration of it all.

The power of the gift given, to be given away. The gift of being able to shine “The Way”.

For I would lay my Life down, just for you to be able to sip from this cup.

That which gives us Life, no less, on offer abounds.


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