What if we took our traits and label them each one to stand out?

What if we took our traits and label them each one to stand out?

As if the labels on the blocks before us in our picture of how we play out Life.

As if framed there in a picture hung upon a wall. A painting you get to paint a fresh each day. Day upon Day until our time to day comes to an end.

Words of dishonesty, greed, love, passion, rejection, distrust, deceit, murder, crime. Each one, that of laughter, support, freedom, enjoyment, understanding, exploration, awe and wonder in equal representation, just there ready to go.

What we needed and wanted all mapped out.

What would your picture look like all there before you clearly splayed out?

For as you apply them all as you go, that picture of infinite possibility before, ebbs and flows.

Revealing the real me, for all to see. Including myself if I’d have the eyes just to see.

Each block can be shuffled around, moved, dulled or made brighter. Your picture to paint each day set before, just missing the knowledge of choice, not more.

Would it be that of Gratitude Love and compassion painting the scene, glowing bright as a light, how you play life out? Or will that of fear, disappear, anger and hate, that will be dully illuminating your path, but holding you back, almost stuck fast?

For all are, indeed those blocks we have been given to play with. None less than another, all manner there to be played out.

We need no one’s hand to be the creator or destroyer.

“Our right” we say, just because we think not today in these fast times. Think for a second, who’s holding up all this theatre for the play to indeed be played out.

Never considering that, that might be beyond, might be even larger than us, if we would put pride down, cast it aside.

How different your picture there each new day might be, when it might hit you that this place is here right now, because of you and me, and for you and me, just to be.

It is me and you that has now to rebuild this place, brick by brick.

Tearing down all those habits we are used to carrying down, right now, post-haste.

It is now right now in the next moment this new world needs to take shape. Rising from where you put your focus right there at day’s start.

Right there should result the gratitude you have learnt to hold fast.

For it can only be from this place that the new world will learn how to breathe and Live Life through our visions and decisions. Is that painting of tomorrow, quickly becoming today.

That of Compassion, Love and gratitude, or will suffering, anger, and loneliness overtake again and again?

Paint the picture you want each day. Be not distracted by the madness around you, for it will one day soon, all just be just swept away.

Rather be bold, step forth and start enjoying each new day.

Painting your picture for others, as you find your way.


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