How different would it look?

We teach that of writing, history, math, grammar and more. The result, regardless of achievement in the youthful days, the same.

That of work, taxes, debt, struggle, the most harshest of Life to be found. Or perhaps wasted, as might be the case.

What really the result of the process we call “education” then?

That of “me first”, “that is mine”, “that was unfair”, “why not I”, “why me”, all instill attitude most selfish in flavour. To wield as a weapon upon anyone else that might come too close. Lashing out in anger or frustration often the result.

What happens if we invest in our children real knowledge and understanding about the real “Life critical” matters?

That the life they are living was given to them for their learning experience. It came from a place outside of our understanding and will be returned at end, the same. Every journey the same in its start and finish but oh so different in the shape of the path.

That the time and date of its end for the most part, remains concealed. Each day therefore precious. New, full of learning, the place of fresh opportunity. That their time here may indeed be short. To pay attention to each day for you know not when it ends.

Those things of Compassion, Caring, Understanding, Gratitude and integrity, are the realms of the highest forms of being.

That Life is supposed to be enjoyed. That Joy, maybe, is the entire purpose for the very ride itself. For you to find Joy and hold steadfast to happiness, regardless of outside circumstance.

Robust understanding about caring and consideration for others. Balanced by them focusing in the same way towards you. That of giving and receiving the most natural of things. That of hatred, judgement, anger, and loathing put aside.

An understanding about communication. Both how to use it to carefully build up another. But how to listen to someone who is being honest or open with you. Looking for ways to receive well and in fact build up the person brave enough to share.

What it is to be in relationship. Towards parents, peers, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, employers.

How to talk, share feelings, inner thoughts.

How to listen to your partner that is engaged thus, with you.

How to listen to someone who just needs to dump it all out.

That stomping on the throats of others destroys much. Most of all the wearer of the shoe.

That “success” has nothing to do with material wealth. Honesty with yourself and others around, more the mark. Pursuing that which you feel is yours to chase and explore. But not to the destruction or harm of anyone, including yourself.

Following your “calling”, what you came here to do, the most honourable of places to be. Jumping from experience to experience valued just the same if “the calling” not clear. For what was truly “successful” or not, for the individual to decide. No one else should reside.

That living and doing all things in balance and harmony with Nature, mandatory. That consumption, at the denial of all else, isn’t the way. For we only have this one place, we all call home.

There is more to Life, way way more that they can touch and feel. Where the arts of intuition, listening to the silence, creation, are valued. Those things outside of our sight, sound, and touch are real.

Where those things at are toxic, threatening to the very existence of Life itself, are acknowledged and avoided. That of stress, pressure, deceit, hatred, dishonesty. Where the Life is so choked full, cramming it all in, carries such a lethal risk.

That suffering at all its different aspects, just a natural part of what it is to be alive. How to recognize it, deal with it, seek assistance from others, the most natural of things.

How much different would this place be if we indeed dropped the bulk of what we call education today and instead choose to journey a different path?

A path not motivated by material wealth, struggle, pressure and stress. Replaced instead by that of Joy, Caring, Compassion and real motivation and stewardship of this place we call home.

Too large the jump, some may be correct in thought, at least at surface consideration.

Certainly such a large change in main stream perhaps not likely in the near future.

But leaving it just at the feet of the “education system” no real justice served. For it is far too safe and easy to leave it in the hands of others to resolve.

As we all individually live our lives, react, respond, open up, sell up, or close down, we are that of the witness to those all around.

For in our very action, reaction, honesty we reveal, behavioural response we exhibit, our kids learn, are really educated, about how they must be, to survive.

A life, your Life, lived with honour, grace and integrity, even if all answers not known, will educate those coming after all of us. More than any aspect of our current education systems ever could.

They’ll see how to react, how to handle themselves and situations through the witness of how you are living your own life. The honesty, transparency, curiosity you display, is their witness from which, they’ll forge much of their lives.

Attention paid to a quality Life, good for self and all others around.

Maybe in part, the witness of how to live and how not to live, part of the richest legacy to be left.


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