It amazes me


Born here we all are. One day, oh so too soon, we might not be here any more.

Younger years spent laughing crying, perhaps being teased. Learning Love, the first crush. Feeling perhaps left out, trying to find the you that is you inside. The quiet balance sought.

Young adult, maybe first real Love. Job, flatting, rentals the first major purchases, major commitments arriving. Heavier perhaps the load, taken now as normal.

Distracted from the real learning taken in the younger years. Taking in what was taking place even if we didn’t understand it.

Another “normal” path opens and consumes many years, often all too often, the entire Life.

Perhaps marriage, your home, kids of your own arriving.

Forgotten now the why of the why you were here to walk your path.

The smiles, the Love, the stress, the pressures, oh such is the tumble dryer ride, this crazy mixed up thing we call Life.

Each of us amazing.

We wake sometimes at times, unnatural they should be. To find our path through the day that presents. The hassle, the load.

Along this risky treacherous path we travel. Taking for granted all that surrounds, perhaps too caught up in the doing, to see the real truths, surrounding all, supporting all.

For we all have the power to create or destroy.
Bringing down on each other oh so much pain. Inflicting suffering on others, the routine. Destroying our home, consuming it all. Tearing up this place where we live.

Or decision just as easy we get to create and support. Showing kindness and compassion in incredible ways.

And then at times we can glow, shine so blindly bright. So much energy created that souls all around are touched deeply just by being close. Radiant energy pouring forth, deep the Love.

When all shields removed, placed down over time by the wearer, each one by one. To arrive on that day complete.

Open, ready, balanced, strong and pure.
No need for excuse, blame, comfortable with all aspects, experienced the highs and lows. Processed and understood.

Just who you are naked before all, you are just who you are.

It amazes me.

That for most this depth of knowing no idea, yet full lives lived. Perhaps rich and complete Lives of their own. Just another path selected, those years before.

It amazes me that where we are supports both and all positions in between.

It amazes me that everyone has the choice to decide.

Everything you could achieve, truly amazes me so.

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