Let the music of Life touch your soul

Let the Music touch your Soul

It’s everywhere even in those places you can’t hear it.

For this vibration, this flow of energy, this music is everything.

Nothing exists without its endless harmonies, pouring out in the most perfect of ways.

Nothing is beyond, nothing is outside.

If you quieten the self-talk, close out the world. Depth beyond the useful purpose of words pours forth.

Gentle in one moment, turbulence in the next. Yet always perfect in the song played.

Embracing, balancing, Love beyond description.

If you let go enough, you’ll begin to drift inside its harmonies.

Caring not where the current may take you.

The world will appear as it never has before.

Your eyes will see the depth that was always right in front.

Your vision just blinded for a while, that’s all.

Your ears will begin to hear the songs that before time began to play.

Your senses taken on a ride where the boundary of mere words can’t trespass.

Tingling, buzzing in total warmth.

You’ll want for no other place to be.

Much healing taking place. So perfect these songs.

Pains from places you didn’t know you had, removed, healed.

The chains and shackles that may have previously held fast, will no more.

The world’s troubles, its noise, will fall away as frost does when the warmth of the sun gently commands. Without struggle the frost surrenders.

You’ll see how, on the scale of Life, how unimportant our struggles are.

This place of timeless rest and joy, oh so sweet. Nothing more desired by the deepest level of your soul.

As your journey changes and you advance.

It’s impossible to draw close without the growing desire to gently show others the path.

So the desire, to gently help others find the music that is their home, their entitlement, will arrive.

With great care and compassion, the healing you have been shown, you’ll learn how to share with others.

May this music, this essence of Life, find you where you are now as gently and powerful as it is.

It will come peacefully in just enough measure as not to drown, but will for sure take the breath away.

You’ll feel the warmth that is your home.

May you find the courage to seek it out.

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