Imagine …….

Eyes closed, floating suspended as if by nothing.

No cares, no worries or troubles, no doubt.

Tingling happening in every cell of your body.

Electric, alive.

Warmth at the same time.

As if immersed in liquid Love.

No struggle, just to be. To exist and breathe enough.

Present in the moments that pass.

Energy sweeping over you from all directions.

Changing, ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes less than a whisper, gentle. But oh so clear and exquisite all the same.

Strong and wild at times, but never enough to raise the slightest of concern. A feeling of safety at all times.

Origins beyond that of the known.

But you know you are home, that you belong.


Thump as you hit the ground.

You turned on your conscious side of the left, opened the eyes and got pulled down into the struggle.

Now doubt rushes towards, fear of failure, or not being good enough.

So tight the pressure on the chest.

So harsh the self-talk dragging down.

Lashing out in anger or thought, returns.

The noise that is the world sweeping all away.

The normal you only just stopped feeling, with so much regret, now rejected as weird and marginal by all around.

Enough indeed to have you in self-doubt about the experience being real at all.

Yet that place never changed.

For it was you that took yourself from it.

It doesn’t know that of good or bad or change.

It just knows only that of Love, with you inside.

With much investment and focus applied it is possible to be here alive.

To be in the middle of the melee so fierce, as this place tries to consume and pull you down.

Yet when understood, when investment in self, committed and time has passed on the path.

To live and drift in this miracle of this conscious life is possible.

Acknowledging that the noise exists.

Binds the mind and sometimes the action, understood.


On the inner there you can be found.

Above all the noise, drifting high in the clouds.

Caressed by the Love all around.

Listening for the next perfect place to be.

Grateful for the trust given to reach down and gently pull up or support.

Understood how fragile hands need to be applied.

Secure in the knowledge that in both places you are home.

Now choosing to experience the world only.

As if theatre upon the stage, not more.

For it drowns and consumes no more.

Drifting, alive with senses now turned on, controlled.

No other place to be.

For you could never take yourself away from the Love. To be outside of it.

Only you can deny your place to be.

Drifting, above it all.

No other place to be.

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