Lost in the fog.

Lost in the fog.

Information overload arrives so subtly, most never look twice or never see at all.

“Experts” everywhere, just that click away.

“Answers” pre-shaped for you from all angles, from every source all bidding to hold your attention. Qualification, rightness of answer found, impossible to discover.

Nothing you can’t reach too instantly.

No need to actually think about anything really.

Because for “your convenience” all done for you. Drowning perhaps in this flood of “we’ll let you know what you should be thinking”.

Just click and move on.

If used correctly of course this resource, most valuable indeed, at times.

But what if this flood represented a dulling down of intellect?

As the fog rolls in, clear vision of distance lost. The perception to see that far not required. Lost the perception of the horizon and your place upon which you stand. Without you ever acknowledging its presence, very easy indeed.

Where actual “thinking”, “arriving at your conclusion”, experiencing it, learning from the verb of doing, no longer required. No longer valued.

Very dangerous indeed to surrender to this fog.

To the removal of thinking logically, from “outside of the box”, the “how do I feel about that” and why do I feel or believe what I do.

Yet today the fog, the dulling down of thought processes seems to be only getting thicker.

Media polluting my home, my car, my pocket, my work, my Life.

Never needing to arrive at my result through the process of thinking my own journey of thought. For I can constantly “know” it all. It’s just one click away.

Today as never before, regardless of selected topic, there are millions telling you what to think, how to act, what to say and feel.

Quietly, bit by bit, day by day, removing from you the need to be anything other than the normal you are being told, you should be.

The convenience of it all, should be as if a warning sign on the side of the road.

The real quality of experience, can’t be delivered to you.

The experience of it all, your personal well thought out experience of it all, that should be held close. That which arrives from the careful and deliberate doing of something, even thinking equal in part.

Look out for the fog, pay attention to its arrival.

For it arrives quietly as all fogs do.

It needs not a storm, nor wind to arrive.

It just does what it does quietly without haste as all fogs do.


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