The forgotten tool box

The forgotten tool box

But never focus applied to reveal to you the power given from the very beginning.

For of these things, the world gains no value in your knowing the truth that is so skilfully disguised and hidden away.

These tools could be considered magic. Healing, soothing, leaving harmony and balance in their wake.

Yet nothing less than the naturalness of Nature they are. Never over stated, always present, with unlimited power, truly limitless.

Let no one ever convince otherwise.

These tools: Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, Caring, Friendship.

But unless tradesman shows the way, and apprentice willing, the application, the how, remains elusive.

For the apprentice that knows not the way of wisdom, these tools can be incorrectly used. Or if motivation not of a pure source, the power these things contain causing much damage the result, including self.

The experience of which might led to the closing of the lid, paddock applied so tight, never to try again. Where fear, doubt, struggle, anger and stress the result. Tight binding they all are.

As the hammer needs handle held just so, to cleanly strike the nail. So these tools need careful application at the start, to learn and master the trade.

As with all tools these carry certain traits, overall “terms and conditions” of use, if you like.

Using any of them so others can see your mastery, a road that leads to doom.

“Showing off” to get spot light to shine, should never the intent be.

Like using the hammers head to have the handle strike the nail. The result will not be of that desired.

Maybe worse of all, you risk your own confidence to try again.

Using any of them to hold power over another fought with danger. For taking over another’s challenges, frees no one. All you do is modify the bind.

The karma of which, yours to resolve.

The forcing, the application of pressure to learn the next thing, a most unnatural strategy to apply. When you are ready, that which you are ready for, will arrive.

As you learn the application of any. Understanding will arrive that it isn’t about you building anything for yourself.

All of these come to you for first your own healing.

Allowing the balance to arrive, that those who travel understand.

But the holding on, the application of all, only for self. It will be better for you to have never tried.

But mistake do not make.

We all have all of these and much more in full account.

Don’t be frightened to try.

No one better or worse than anyone else in this regard. Just un-exercised or untried for thee most part.

The place to start? Of course, upon self.

For it takes time, acknowledgement, humbleness, humility to allow all that is Compassion, Love, Forgiveness and Caring, to arrive and be understood for self.

You’ll not be able to correctly build anything for anyone else, until balanced and resolved you arrive on that day.

But they’ll never reveal themselves when Ego, pride, notability, fame seeking, all in the way.

Be encouraged on this day.

Maybe the first of the rest of your Life.



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