Meet your neighbour

Meet your neighbour

The Earth, reduced to the size of a grain of sand. The Moon not more than a speck of dust, orbiting not more than 1.5 centimetres away.

The Sun about the size of a pool ball some 6 meters away. At this scale, Light would be slowed to arrive on Earth some 8 minutes after its departure from the Sun. For at this scale even the speed of light is as at a snails pace.

Pluto would be 230 meters away. The nearest star would be 1572 kilometers from us. Our galaxy would scale to 46,375,000 kilometers wide. Some stars in it as large as 39 meters in diameter, against our “pool balled” sized Sun.

If then our entire solar system was the grain of sand, our galaxy would still be 50 kms in diameter. Our closest galaxy then some 1012 kilometres away.

Light leaving our home galaxy would take 2.5 million years to reach our closest neighbouring galaxy.

This, this is the nature that allowed our home, Earth, to come into being. It is at these scales that nature operates. Moving flowing swirling creating and destroying.

Yet here we are, Man, all puffed up about how wonderful we are.

How important or God like some of our accomplishments have made us.

Yet here we are, Man, killing each other, destroying our only home. In which we took no part in its creation.

Yet here we are fighting with each other. My belief’s not being aligned to another’s. Political agendas, raining down as if permanent monsoon in play.

Chemicals and toxins thrown to us as if candy. Making toxic vast areas of our home.

Yet here we are fighting over resource and money. Lying, cheating stomping upon each other. All for the gain of something in the split second of time.

Gone then in the next.

Oh so wrong the path we seem cursed to hold so steadfast to.

For where in any of all this is kindness, compassion, Love?

For where in any of this is Love and gratitude, even towards self, for everything that has been laid before us.

For where in any of this do we, we are, truly acknowledging our place in this Universe?

My neighbour, indeed, every living being on this planet we call home.

Really just lucky, perhaps not more, to live on this grain of sand, drifting somewhere in space.

Where is the gratitude that you came into existence, at all, to experience all it is?

Where is the gratitude from us all and for each other?


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