Open ready to be touched

Open ready to be touched

There you are, ready.

When all else you have deliberately filed away.

Made quiet, seems without plan, to arrive to now.

All noised dulled, attention paid to turn it, it all down and off.

Cleared of other thoughts and distractions.

Ready, wide open not more not less.

Maybe without seeing the signs that you were arriving to that place.

Perhaps focused, intention to preform something, to do something.

Or you arrived because now for the briefest of moments you were ready to see.

With all else pushed aside, then it arrives.

There you are ready.

You touch it, see it, or feel it, or maybe a combination best describes.

For you see hear or touch something that of each.

You heart opens and with, in that instant new eyes to see, your heart melts.

For before you perhaps nothing than where you have been for years and years.

But now for the first time your eyes see the gift of it all. You heart melts into the home only it knows.

That where thought can have no part for it is feelings now that overwhelm.

Perhaps it’s the compassion or gratitude that comes flowing in to overwhelm.

Blessed are those who have the eyes to see.

Then gone as quickly as it arrived, your back, but a new appreciation of everything around.

The journey to draw back all that this is, worthy of the application of self.

For over time, bit by bit, you’ll be able to spend more and more time here.

Then starts the being in that space, whilst being able in the same moment to live present here.

To spend the rest of your life living above and in the miracle of this place.

Whilst focused on holding the hand outstretched, ready for anyone to take yours and ask gently to be shown the view.


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