The Map of your Life

The Map of your Life

Have you ever wondered thus?

Imagine floating above a large board, or with that same board suspended in front of you in a vertical way, as you float there in front of it.

Moving towards the board, numbers appear printed black on the white.

Closer until, at a tic of the clock not known, that these numbers are the months of your life, you just know it. From start to finish all shown.

From left to right static unchangeable months all allocated to this Life, your Life, as if in stone. Without any hand adjustment able to be prescribed.

The task at hand now understood, yours to write up the time where the history of life has had you be.

Yours also to write the desires of heart looking forward. Planning the rest of your Life to the end.

Stay in this state now, before reading on.

Taking in all the feelings now, quick before they are gone.

Let the emotion rise when you see just how much less Life there might be.

As you consider seriously what the future must hold. In order for you to look back then and see you’ve been bold.

Will the months forward hold mystery and surprise?

A celebration of Life, Love and time. Much Joy woven in?

Or however else you see it playing out.

Think now as you open your eyes, how much of your world can you see changing, now as you go forward.

See the numbers again now with eyes opened wide, what would you write beneath each one? Right now as if you had to decide. How revealing the view.

For where you decide to spend those numbers to the right? Where all possible in the future is in sight.

What will you inscribe into the stone of your Life, that of the right?


Instruction: Now you have read this slowly through maybe once or twice. Seriously, close your eyes and give it a try. Float towards the board until the numbers show up in your sight. See them as those until the end of your Life.

What will you write into each? What experiences do you want to have? What projects / careers do you want to fit in? How much Joy and happiness and how do you build that in? What elements of now need to be gone, to fit in all you want now going forward?

What does that look like, all mapped out?

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