No Words

This journey, trip through this thing we call Life, sometimes words are just flat on the paper in comparison.

Upon reflection we all get opportunity to go to the edge and look over this cliff. We can push the boundary of Life even when at rest.

This magical instrument can be played in your unique way. As if the instrument before is exactly the right one for you. Selected, moulded perfect, to fit just so. It surrounds you, just waiting to be played.

For the brave who grasp it to learn. At the beginning foreign and clumsy the result. Bruised and battered both might seem. But over time the notes start to arrival as if natural extension of self it becomes.

With years now completely the music of your Life shines oh so bright.

For now you can feel yourself inside your own Life. Present moment by moment.

The song played now but a spec compared to the music you can hear all around you.

Such are the pathways of Life.

Understanding the path already taken vital to hold and acknowledge also.

For that make us who we are in the now.

Facing death, by deliberate decision, in the extremes of the most extreme form of motorsport. Being broke, with a family to provide for. Watching the Father die and being buried without chance of being beside at the time. Got as close to death for medical reasons as you can go. Learned to laugh. Learning to find the Joy of it all. Learning to enjoy watching the bees go about their work to keep the planet alive.

These are some of the things now, when looking back, have been the music played, to become now the person of today.

If you pause for a while and consider the good and bad of your Life. What bought you to this place that you are at today, is you playing the music of your Life.  As I have decided to do the same.

Perhaps then you’ll also start to hear the music that has played for millennia before and for all of time of the future.

The same that allowed you to come here to learn, your own sweet Song.

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