Oh the purest wine

Oh the purest wine

Of the finest finest silk, the glint of the finest gold, silkiest chocolate.

The dress that turned every head in the room, the tux upright and strong, buff and fit.

The fresh crisp summer breeze from the clean blue ocean. The joy of seeing the ocean for the first time.

The warm sand in between your toes as you stroll. That, beyond fresh, crisp sip from the clean mountain stream.

The musician that made the room stop in time. In awe of the soul revealing in front of them.

The cold still winter morn with clouds down low at the base of the hills. As if bowing down to the grandeur of its part in the amazing changing scene being played out before.

Watching that pair of birds caressing the air high up, for the sheer Joy of it all. The dance of life for all to see.

Catching the glint of delight in the young kid’s eye. Amazed with the young life before.

Being stopped by the rising of the Sun. Without breathe as it submits to horizontal foe. Clouds red blooming colour, celebrating it all, consuming the entire sky.

When you understand that the craftsman soul is gifted clearly in the item made.

The warmth of the soft warm bed. Wrapping you up to keep you safe, tucked in warm.

Watching a flock of birds dancing across the sky pattern on pattern emerging as a result.

The clear evening’s night, all the stars descended upon you to just beyond the fingertip. But the dance of light coming at you, mesmerising, time stopped.

The caress of the lover that tingles the spine. Lost in the deep passion of Love, steamy bliss.

Watching the joy of arrival in the grandmothers eye.  Seeing the depths of connection as the grandad enthrals with the stories told.

Playing games of deceit, faking sadness or pain, when the inside of you, a fireworks show. Bursting to be set free in Joy.

Watching the dance of lighting in the approaching storm. In awe of the power of nature’s display. But oh the smell of the fresh summer rain.

That feeling when watching new birthed eyes for the first time. And oh the power of the first smile made.

The warm deep embrace from the mother to the child who needs their best friend. The father that swoops down to hold the child up.

The laughter, breathing now hard to squeeze in, with the friends of years long ago. Limitless the connections made, all those years ago.

The closeness and warmth you feel, when remembering that dear friend that has now past. No burden at all, just the knowing smile and twinkled eye.

When it came to you that when the child placed their hand in yours, for the walk. They were trusting you with all of their Life at that time, one hundred percent, surrendered but happy to be with you, trusting you.  No word required.

That unforgettable feeling when, after a long period, accomplishment now successfully done.

Coming to the place where you understand that Life is supposed to be about Joy and Happiness. World stolen from you, before you had chance to understand.

May you not miss those things, those highlights; you take with you as you go.

If there was ever “success”, it is those that carry a basket full of these things, most successful of all.

Oh the purest wine, this gift called Life is.

What a wonderful world.


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