Through the eye of the needle we must go.

Through the eye of the needle

The essence of Life has no boundary. It knows not good nor bad, no right or wrong.

It is, and that is all of the greatest miracles of all, we need to know. Just that it is.

Born into this place, everyone the same.

Isolated now, living in, supported by this essence but somehow now outside of it, on the inside.

Taught about I, me, and how I might apply myself into survive and thriving in this place.

How to stomp on others, to take to ensure my safety. For it gives me security, sort affirms the who of the who I am to achieve for me and my family.

All of which, teaching me how to be me, in this isolated state of being. As if prison walls abound, all of which I have spent much time creating.

What is not understood perhaps in mastered way, perhaps the whole meaning of this ride we call Life is to come to a place of acknowledging yourselves as a gift from places unknown.

That is through Joy, Love and Compassion we begin to experience aspects of what it is like to create in a good way for those around us. In exactly the way that we were given what was needed for us to be us, from before we were.

It isn’t through consumption, ownership or control that deep wisdom comes.

Wisdom starts to appear as if mist on the horizon, through the active deliberate path of letting go. Deciding to turn and begin the journey of walking home.

To see the waste that is caused from pain and suffering. Yet acknowledging that that is where some are supposed to be. For Light cannot be, without darkness. The two playing out there balanced dance. Karma playing its balanced dance.

To see the miracles, too many to count.

To the surrendering of all, to the application of trying to be better today, now in the moment. For myself and those around. To strive for even more tomorrow, and less at the same time.

To at end of all, come to a place of gratitude so crushing its takes the breath away.

To make the decision, even if isolated by frequency from your home, to walk the path alive right now in the moment, to surrender to the glory of everything around.

I am therefore I am. But from where I came from, was given the very next breath to take, beyond my comprehension.

Choice, active couscous choice to return now, to the eye of the needle through which we must pass.

May much understanding come to you now, I pray.

As the secrets’ known so long ago, returning as this great awakening takes hold.


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