Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving small

So vast the topics in Life that our education never touches.  How to listen.  How to speak to build up the other.  How to share feelings and thoughts, knowing the other was well prepared

The art of giving and receiving.

For the act to occur, first it requires both parts.  For the receiver to receive there must be a giver.  For the Giver to give there must be a receiver.

The Giver

The role, the part played, is to give freely.  But what does that truly mean?

What happens if the receiver receives, but now carries some feeling of obligation?

What happens to the givers feelings, if the receiver doesn’t enjoy at the same level, that the giver has emotionally vested in the gift?

Was then the art of the gift, really given freely?

For even this most simple of acts the purity that should be that of the giver, can be oh so easily tainted and made toxic.

The Receiver

We might “need” sometimes, yes for sure.  At a practical level sometimes the smallest of gifts completely change the receivers entire Life.  Just that one simple “thing” in the right moment of time.

At other times surprised that someone might consider them worthy of receiving a gift.  Maybe the receiver’s thoughts.

At other times perhaps even insulted, that someone wants to give them something.  The response where the receiver actually picks up resentment regardless of intention of the giver.

The “art” of the receiver perhaps more attention required to play the part correctly in fact than that of the giver.

How to become free.  To be truly who we are.

It is for the giver to understand that in the split second that the gift is given, the act of giving ends.  It is supposed to be a gift and that speaks about indeed it being free.  Any expectation beyond that split second of release must be put down.

For if carried by the giver, any “baggage” once the gift given, then it cannot actually be called “a gift”.  For it is actually the destruction of the gift entirely to load or burden it in any way.

For the receiver, it has to see that someone cared enough to give in the first place.  Any opposition to the receiving the gift denies the purity of the givers intention.

Regardless of the physical thing, the actual thing being transferred, learn to look beyond it physically into the energy of the giver.

For in this beautiful act, that of the giver and receiver, there should be celebration.  There should be much joy for all parties.  Without, so easily, as we do today, destroy the power in the act, just because we weren’t taught these basic truths.

Oh if only we had societies that taught us the magic that is there.

For this magic endless everywhere we can look.

All immersed we are in this magic.


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