History today, is knocking at our door.

It seeking from us answers about ourselves, like at no other time before.

We arrived here, without effort. Given all we needed right there in the moment. The single most precious gift one could ever dream of, from the most distant realms, right from the start.

Life with the ability to be free. To choose our path.

To stub your toe and choose again to get up and continue, having learnt the lesson, hopefully in the first go around. Or to soar in the sky, suspended effortlessly upon Natures warm air, not more.

To choose to do the tough things just because they are right. Or to turn our backs on the need, when pressure rises against us to its height.

It is history, at this time, that has come asking us. You, me, all of us individually and collectively, what our choice is in this time.

Much pressure rises against humanity in the now that is today. Preparing sadly to gather more and more steam as it rises against us.

This pressure that of deceit, greed and lust, has no good intent for any of us. It stands ready however watching for our response. Enticing us to give back to it, the fear in our response.

For ready, it stands to quench and put out any those of those and turn to fight back. With this “expected” result, our hand gets to be laid out, open for all to see. Expected the result no doubt.

Yet the power of the gift given as you arrived, its ownership is never in doubt.

Right now in this moment of time, choice, freewill and Love still calls from a distant land.

For at the level of you and me, no one can ever take from you, what is yours to give, for free.

For it is only you that can decide to how you’ll respond to Histories resonating gong.

To be together in communities that care, Love and support, should be the place to be. In spite of all that comes against us, let not your vision wander from the mark. Let us now gather together even those that have been living in the dark.

We need not bend and crumble under this weight. Rather ours now the chance to show all around what it really means to be human, today all around, totally awake.

Please choose wisely the actions and decisions you take. For the time upon us now, the greatest of all stock takes.

Can we put down the division and isolation we have been tricked to create. Putting that down along with all the deceit, lies and hate.

Even in this gift, I give to you. Presented clearly with your choice, you now are.

Histories gong has been struck, its ringing loud and clear, for all those with the eyes and ears to hear.

But it is you now that must decide, for it is your gift to be responsible for and how “it” all plays out.

For when the vibration settles and quietens as it will do. A new world revealed will certainly be true.

But today, now in the moment, it is yours to decide.

Will you give into the fear or instead let it motivate you, indeed to thrive.

For is upon your shoulders our fate lies.

Each and everyone, right now in this moment, you must decide.

May Peace, Love and Joy start to resurface again.

For it is in these places that we should decide to play this game. To enjoy the ride.

Decide now, for time is short. Which direction you would have us all travel with you, as to charge forth on your ride. Decide now, how you’ll reach out to another fallen beside you, just because you want us all to thrive.

But don’t read this ode, and then just cast aside.

For now in next moment presented, you must set the jib of your sail to arrive.

Decide well my friend, please do.

Sober, strong, upright and steadfast you must be.

For much rests now on your shoulders as you choose to do what you will, with the gift given to you to be here.

For there is already much weeping, sadness and broken hearts all around. The way forward has never been so clear. For it is time now to focus and put down all the pettiness, fear and the hate.

If not for us, that may get swept away, then for our children and theirs and theirs.


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