As I reach out

Have I stopped to consider

When my eyes move this way or that, the entire Universe adjusts to let me see the new view. That of depth and colour experience when eye cast upon the new view.

That I could see this at all!

When my feet hit the ground, not only the ground honours me to hold me up, but I can feel the contact and pressure then laid. Feet adjust a million times upon each step to carry my load, in perfection each step truly is.

When fresh breath focused upon, the smells and experience of the Life that is drawn in. Scant regard for the rest taken, for granted, they all are. But in each one, the Life, your Life, supported perfectly so.

To hear the wind sweeping over the fresh green grass meadow, dancing, in celebration, making beautiful sound.

From near to far all of this in Life to be heard. Oh and how sweet the sound of the fresh summer rain.

When I reach to another, feel the skin I can. The caress of Love so in tune, so breath takingly beautiful, this touch is.

Hot, cold, matters not. For not just one thing can I feel, but the full spectrum of response, available whenever I want. Without thought, they all just arrive.

And if I close my eyes, ears and mouth I get to go inside. To where my spirit lays, waiting for me to work through Life’s lessons. To have me Love myself and in whole now, balanced, peaceful the result.

To be honest with myself, my true self. To come into the full multidimensional experience available throughout this journey called Life. That each one can call, anytime, into being.

If only we could put the distractions down.

All this because, so perfect each of us are. So perfect the Nature expressed through us and that which abundant all around.

Perfection everything is.

And the miracle’s abundant everywhere in our lives, if only we could give ourselves the time, to see.

So if it is miracle proof you need.

Look no further than who is staring back at you, each new day, in the mirror as you rise.

Who you are and the abundance of Life all around, hopefully all the witness, you’ll now ever need.

For I find now, miracle’s in abundant supply.

More than I could possibly even consider, if thought allowed to roam.

The world around you and you in it, enough to consider for multiple go rounds.

It’s all a gift given, when considered just so.

No need for quarrel or argument at all. Because gift given in equal measure, everyone has. If only we knew.

For perfect everything is if we would just take the time to discover.

We are drowning in miracle’s everywhere every day, you see.

Too many in fact, in just one day, for a million pages to record.


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