Stop it, We have been deceived

Stop it, We have been deceived

The history we are taught, seemingly to represent the all of all, is not. For our history the depth and width, hidden now for already enough time that truly unrecoverable, the result.

Our modern world sold as being the only outcome.

Yet nothing further from the truth could ever be. The War, the poverty, the deceit, the greed, those trippin on using us as pawn’s, all must go. Washed away somewhere, set drift on some endless sea. Never, never to be allowed to return.

The destroyers of our home we have become.

For just a little more, each time, the rape of our planet, that of main stream. We waste more than we consume, in our modern “just in time” world. No thought or thought at all, for this is all we got.

Crime and taking another’s Life now common place, rotten to the core. For the sake of only money, the drug trade now encircling the Earth. Easier in fact to take a Life rather than to resolve in any other way. No thought of carnage trial and suffering let behind.

For only money and greed, all these “games” played.
Single use everything common place. Tear it open, throw 90 percent of whatever it is, away. Built in failure, made the cheapest it can be.

No thought for the energy and resources cost, of delivery to the door.

All this, this tragedy, this madness, this hate, this greed must stop.

What’s hidden in the shadows bought forth. Revealed for all to see. Veil ripped, never to be sewn or fixed. Torn into little pieces it all must be. Thrown on the fire, never ever allowed to return.

Life isn’t supposed to be only about hurt and pain. Suffering, stress and strain only one of toxic result. Just one path out of the millions, all it is.

Yet the kindness of Man can still, even now, prevail.

On behalf of those we will never meet, those of generations yet unseen.

Now is the time to lay the foundation down for a different way, together in peace we must be. Balance with Nature, our home, we must figure it all out. Crime, deceit, Lies and Lack must become a thing of the past.

But where is the kindness of man being talked about?

It’s in the daughters hand when reaching up, waking at the perfect time. That first glint and smile. Just happy to wake to see you again.

The smile that someone gave to you, to carry throughout your day.

It’s in Love poured into products and services delivered to you, from those who know, another way.

It’s in the family hug, reunited after periods of long separation.

The shoulder you needed to cry on, that someone, timed perfectly, as if by magic, on the day. Perfectly there for you.

Think about it, we have all had them.

It’s in that split second when we come to understand, what bloody mess created, that surrounds.

But who will stand for this Kindness of Man you would have focus upon?

Well it is you my friend, as you go about making your way in this world. Your decisions to live an abundant Life.

Where the kindness of man is common place.

In the learning enough about yourself to see through yourself instead focusing on the pain the other carries. Reacting from that base that’s all. Really it’s all a cry for help, if you can look at it through mature eyes.

Focus today as you read this ode.

Focus on the opportunity to bring the kindness of man forth, from the core of who we all were truly supposed to be.

And don’t forget to Love a little more, and more.

For at the end of all, all of this including you. Is a gift given to you for your to enjoy.

Oh and don’t forget to Love a lot, as you travel forth.


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